We Have Arena Mode!

We Have Arena Mode!

As recently mentioned by our friends on the iOS Board Game Blog over at BoardGameGeek: We keep “drawing out the lead” with RoboArena.  Believe me, after 10 months of developing RoboArena, we are ready to stop drawing it out! Let me tell you, it takes a good bit of endurance and motivation to stick to one single project for this long. It’s a testament to the team’s endurance and abilities that we have gotten this far. You guys rock!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, and we are in the home stretch of development. Why, just a few days ago, as this post’s title indicates, we got Arena Mode!

Arena Mode

Finally we have the Arena in RoboArena! Before it was just Robo, but now it’s RoboArena! This is where the real fun and replayability of this game comes into play, in my opinion. 6 players will duke it out in a variety of Arena games across an ever growing number of random battlefields! As you can see from the Arena Mode setup screen, there are a few options you can choose from. Choose the AI difficulty, starting cash, and the number of rounds you want to play. You will gear up your Robo in the Store screen and then attempt to stay alive as long as possible and do as much damage as you can! At the end of each round, you will get cash and points based on how well you performed to upgrade your Robo for the next round of competition.

There are two different Arena Modes at this time FFA (Free For All) and RoboHunt. Eventually we plan on adding a Capture The Flag mode as well.
Free For All is self explanatory but Robo Hunt mode is a little different. Instead of a 6 player battle royale, each player is assigned a target to hunt down. Successfully destroying your target nets you cash and a new target. Stay alive as long as you can while avoiding those who are hunting you! At the end of each round you get cash and points to upgrade your Robo for the next round based on your performance.

Mini Bomb Mode

Even if you are destroyed early in the game in either FFA or Hunt, you still get to play. After all, if you gotta go down, why not take some with you? After being destroyed, in mini-bomb mode you get to lay mini bombs on the battlefield to get your revenge! For each turn you are destroyed, you get one additional mini bomb to lay anywhere (up to 4). These bombs will do a little damage to any surrounding units, and it makes the game a lot more treacherous the closer you get to the end since there will be bombs exploding all around you in addition to having to hunt down your targets!

As you can see, we’ve worked hard to make RoboArena a robust and fully featured game. Hence the reason the development is taking so long. For better or worse, we are cutting no corners and perfecting each and ever aspect of the game as we go. We thank you for your patience guys!

A note to our private beta testers: The private beta is still about 1 week away from being released. Expect to be getting an email soon with information on how to get your beta copy. We will be using TestFlight to manage our private beta, so everything should go nice and smoothly.

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