The Team

chrisChris Bidwill

Lead Developer
Lead dev on RoboHero. Since developing his first game on the TI-82 calculator during his sophomore year of high school, Chris knew he was hooked for life. Today, he’s a financial oriented .NET programmer by day and a game developer by night, but he hopes to focus on his “side” projects full time at some point in the future. Chris is a fan of a wide variety of genres and systems, but old school RPGs hold a special place in his heart.


Project Coordination | Game Design | Marketing
Stephen is a self-styled globe trotting hippie from the Pacific Northwest. He has a background in design and marketing and has been running his own marketing consultancy since 2007. His creative approach and his keen eye for opportunity have helped him build several successful businesses in various fields and work with clients ranging from offshore banking to luxury real estate. With a passion for mobile gaming, an in depth knowledge of marketing and the drive to succeed he is taking the lead at Bravado Waffle Studios and is honored to work with so much talent.

robertRobert “Ruffs” Ruffolo

Art Director
Rob Ruffolo aka “Ruffs” is our secret weapon. He has an impressive list of accomplishments to his name having worked for many a major comic studio. As art director at Dreamwave productions he resurrected the Transformers brand with new comics, helping it to eventually become the #1 comic in sales! He has worked with major motion picture studios doing concept art and character design with Marvel, DC, and Hasbro. With a passion for mobile gaming and brimming with talent and new ideas, Rob is an integral part of the Bravado Waffle Studios team.

jesseJesse R

Sound Engineer | QA Testing
Jesse is an accomplished composer and software developer. He’s a big fan of retro gaming and 8-bit music, and tries to capture some of those classic melodic sensibilities in our game music. No stranger to startup companies, he’s started his fair share of successful businesses and is an invaluable member of the Bravado Waffle team. He has even made a few homebrew RPGs in earlier days. He is very excited about raising the bar for mobile gaming.

With their powers combined, these form the core of Bravado Waffle Games,
the biggest indie development team to hit the mobile gaming world since that other one…