RoboSport and X-Com meets RoboRally Fun!

Top Down Turn Based Casual Tactical Strategy Game

(TDTBCTSG for short)

A menacing space station has appeared in orbit above the Earth. On board, an army of evil robots is being assembled to invade the planet. Meanwhile, a lone discarded Blue Robo wakes up with a fresh perspective… saving humanity! Can you help our Blue Hero escape the space station and put an end to this nefarious robotic plot? Find out in RoboHero, a new game for the iPhone, iPad, and other devices!

RoboHero is a Top Down Turn Based Casual Strategy Multiplayer Action Game (TDTBCSMAG for short). Inspired by the board game classic RoboRally and video game classics like RoboSport and X-Com. It features a unique blend of strategy, puzzles, action, and casual fun!

Utilizing a unique tactical planning mechanic players plot their course through levels to solve puzzles and wreak havoc on their enemies. Pre-program up to 15 moves into your Robo and watch him carry out the commands in real time. Arena mode and Multiplayer mode allows players to put their tactical and strategic skills to the ultimate test against up to 6 AI players or 4 friends in 2 different arena games across a tons of battlefields.

Game Features

  • 3 Gameplay modes: Story Mode, Arena Mode, Multiplayer
  • More than 15 unique fun weapons and armors (slime bombs, bubble blasters, flame throwers and more!)
  • 30 exciting levels of Story Mode gameplay
  • Tons of bad guys, puzzles, and challenges
  • 12 Multiplayer and Arena Mode battlefields
  • Professionally mastered soundtrack
  • Pass and Play multiplayer, with online turn based game center coming soon!
  • Unique casual tactical gameplay like nothing you’ve ever played!

“Combining RoboRally and RoboSport into something wonderfully new!” – Gamezebo
“This just looked like too much fun to pass up!” – The Board Game Family
“Looks like a promising App!” – iOS Board Games Blog

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