New Features!

New Features!

Every day right now Chris is putting more and more awesome features into RoboArena. We now have all the basic drones and bots working, and are in the process of programming an intelligent AI for the Arena mode and the bosses in Story Mode. Here’s a breakdown of the basic bots you will encounter as you adventure through the arena (if you backed us in Kickstarter then this next part is nothing new to you):

  • Turrets: Fire a variety of weapons in a pre-programmed pattern. Learn the pattern and you can slip past them. Beware though, they have been known to develop intelligence in the later levels of the game and will track your movements… also they come in a variety of flavors and with a variety of weapons from laser turrets to flame turrets to machine gun nests, and more!
  • Sentry Drones: Dumb as bricks, but they pack a giant wallop. Their AI circuits were removed and replaced with TNT! They follow pre-programmed paths, but if they hit you then you’re in for a world of hurt… beware, some of these guys have a pretty thick skin too and can take a real beating!
  • Spider Walker: A step up in intelligence from the Sentry Drones. These guys follow a preprogrammed route, but if they spot you with one of their eyes they will give chase. Since they are semi-intelligent, the designers couldn’t pack as much TNT into them, but they still sting when hit! Watch out too because these guys a generally found en mass. The last thing you want is to find yourself in the middle of a Spider Walker swarm!
  • Firefly: Fast and furious, a FireFly lives its life a quarter mile at a time… these bots zip around the level way faster than anything else. They love going fast and will explode with quite a boom if they hit you! You had better plan your moves carefully, and don’t get in their way!
  • Hover Bots: These guys are intelligent guards that will hunt you down across the level. They generally only fire a cannon, but don’t underestimate them! Also, they are able to hover over gaps, so just because you are far away, don’t expect to stay safe!

But Wait There’s More!

We’re almost 75% finished with adding all the various weapons and armors to the game. Most recently we added the things that make big booms: Nukes and Bombs. The bomb works similar to a bomberman bomb, you fire it and in a few seconds it explodes in all directions. These guys pack a hefty punch, and make a great trap for the unwary opponent!

Nukes are where the real fun is though… this is the biggest boom in the game. It causes damage over a huge radius and damages units for multiple turns. A well timed nuke can win the game for you, but mistime it even a little bit and you’ll end up blowing yourself to smithereens!

We’re also working on adding armor to the game. Weapons have 3 different damage types: Ballistic, Explosive, and Special. That means 3 different kinds of armor to fully defend yourself from everything. Additionally, we will have some special armors like mirror armors that reflect laser blasts, fireproofing that makes you immune to flame throwers, and armored treads that will make you immune to slime bombs.

The key to winning games will be balancing what you spend on ammo and weapons, and what you spend on armor as well.

An Exciting New Feature: The Preview Cam!

In endeavoring to make the game more accessible and approachable, we have added what we feel is an awesome new feature: The prediction cam! Your Robo now comes equipped with the ability to calculate movements and see a little ways into the future! If you approach a particularly tricky part of a level and don’t know which way you should go, you can now fire up your prediction cam and see the next 15 moves play out so you can plan appropriately. But be careful, you only have a few of these to use per level, so use them wisely!

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