Finished Is Betterer Than Perfect

Finished Is Betterer Than Perfect

Hi folks! Sometimes you get to working on a project for so long that you forget people are still interested in seeing it come to fruition. You start to worry that you’ve taken too long to get your game out the door and nobody cares anymore. Then you get a lovely mention in a top notch game journal like Gamezebo here: and everything feels right in the world again!

We know that we’ve taken a long time to finish the game, much longer than anybody could have anticipated. The path of indie development is littered with the best wishes, hopes, and dreams of our fallen brethren. After over a year of development, 2 hospital visits, one baby, thousands of man hours, and more than a few setbacks, I am proud to say that RoboHero is FINISHED! We are wrapping it up in a bow and submitting it to the App store as soon as they come back from their end of the year break.

RoboHero Features

RoboHero will feature 30 single player levels where you guide your blue robo to victory over a robotic space station seeking to destroy the Earth. It will also feature an Arena Mode where you can duke it out in 2 different games against 5 different AI players with 3 different difficulty levels across more than a dozen battlefields using over 15 different weapons and armors. It will also feature pass and play multiplayer mode out-of-the-box that lets you play with up to 4 of your friends on a single device. It will run natively on the iPhone and on the iPad with retina style graphics, it features tons of beautifully hand painted scenes, beautifully composed original music, and is packed with more 80’s references and nerd humor than you can shake a stick at.

Oh and it will be Free. Well, free to try. The first 10 levels in Story Mode, Easy difficulty AI players in Arena Mode, and 5 weapons in Multiplayer mode will be available for free. If players like what they see, it will cost $1.99 to unlock all the other features.


What We Learned

“Finished is better than perfect.” Jesse sent that out to us the other day, and it rings very true. Originally we never intended for RoboHero to get this massive. Scope creep is a tricky thing, it sneaks up on you and before you know it takes over your entire project. But at the beginning of this project we were new, bright eyed, and bushy tailed. We were full of hopes and dreams. We had no idea what it would take to actually see a project through to the end. We kept saying “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and each time we said it the game got a little larger. Now we feel like old grizzled workers, we’ve put ourselves through the ringer, we’ve finished a game that really was too big for 3 people to make.

RoboHero is not perfect (though it’s pretty dang close). More importantly though: it’s finished! And finished is better than perfect.

That’s the biggest lesson we learned. The amount of scope creep in RoboHero was out of this world, it would have killed lesser men, and it could have easily meant the end of Bravado Waffle Studios as a team. Thankfully we have a dedicated team of titans who were determined to finish it, but it was close… Too close.

So for all you indie developers out there making your first game, our biggest piece of advice to you is that Finished is Better than Perfect! Everybody has ideas, very few have the tenacity to see them through. Get your game out there, finish it even if it means pairing it down to the bare minimum features to make it a viable product. You will never have a perfect product but, if you are lucky, you just may have a finished one!

And to all you fans out there who have stuck with us throughout the development of RoboHero, you are gonna love this game! There’s tons of content to delve into, and if you don’t LOL at least once while playing the game, I swear I’ll eat my hat.

Expect to see RoboHero released in the first half of January!

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  1. Great to hear the release is imminent. Big fan of Robosport and Robo Rally — still have a PC port of Robosport on my old laptop and of course I’ll never get rid of my well-played Robo Rally board game. Big hopes for RoboHero!

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